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Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities                                                            

Associate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology, KU Anthropology


Ph.D. in Chinese and Altaic Linguistics, University of Washington, 1996.
B.A. in Linguistics, University of British Columbia, 1984.


I have conducted 20 years of in situ research on Turkic-Mongolic-Sinitic-Bodic language and culture contact in Inner and Central Asia and has directed a number of cooperative language research projects in Inner and Central Asia. Internationally she acts as a consultant in endangered language documentation and multimedia annotation and archiving. At the University of Kansas, I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in language and society, constructed languages, linguistic data processing, lexicography, language ideologies and ethnopoetics, and ethnicity and languages of China and Central Asia. I initiated the KU Uyghur language program and co-authored the textbook and audio (which is freely available here, and had been the most heavily-downloaded item on KU ScholarWorks for the last three years). I organize Digital Humanities workshops, and teach language documentation & technology workshops.


Research and Teaching Interests

· Community-based Language Research and language support aka reacquisition [Grandstaff]

· Discourse-based approaches to Grammar

· Less-commonly taught language pedagogy: esp. modern and premodern Uyghur, comparative Turkic

· Language Contact and Variation (esp. areal processes, creolization, and discourse and language ideologies)

· Digital Media Archives, Cyberlinguistics, and cyberanthropology: Computing applications, methods, and standards for analyzing linguistic and ethnographic field data; corpora, relational databases, XML tools, Unicode; metadata.

· Performance, Narrative Structure and Ethnopoetics

· Linguistic and Cultural Contact in Inner Asia

· Sinitic, Turkic, & Mongolic languages: Salar, Uyghur, Monguor, Mangghuer, Baonan, Wutun, Kangjia, Northwest Mandarin

· Language, Power, and Ethnicity


Current Research Projects                                                                                                                                                             

· P.I., Light Verbs in Uyghur (NSF-BCS 1065524)  Studying universal properties of V-V light verb constructions via a corpus-based diachronic study of the Central Asian Turkic Uyghur language.

· P.I., Interactive Inner Asia (NSF-BCS 1053152) 

· P.I. CoLang: Institute for Collaborative Language Research (NSF-BCS 1065469)a summer school in documentary linguistics, (formerly InField) co-directed with Carlos M Nash; Assistant Director Jari Billiot), June-July 2012. Contact: colang



Curriculum Vita [pdf]

Tomato-Throwing Opportunities (at upcoming talks and courses)


Items for the Overly Serious

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· Goon Show Philology

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· A Puzzler


¿Why has the endearing bactrian camel been swapped out for a portrait with floral headgear? Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

Dr. Arienne M. Dwyer

Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities,
Associate Professor, Linguistic Anthropology
University of Kansas                                   anthlinguist

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