How to Download an Assignment,
Upload a Completed Assignment,
and View Instructor Feedback

by Chris McKitterick

This document walks you through the process of downloading an assignment from Blackboard, uploading your completed project for the instructor to review, and then viewing the notes from your instructor after grading is complete.

 Find Your Assignment

1. Go to the Blackboard main page and click the Login button (circled in red below):

2. Log in using your KU Username and Password, as in this example (again, input is circled in red):

3. You will then see a page listing the courses in which you are enrolled. (Note: My view, below, also lists courses I am teaching.) If you are a student and wish to see your assignments and turn in finished projects, select the appropriate course from the Courses in which you are enrolled list.

4. This takes you to the main view of your course. Click the Assignments button (top of the left navigation panel):

5. In the main Assignments page, you'll find all the assignments for your course. Click the >> View/Complete Assignment: link for the appropriate assignment (in this example, the link is View/Complete Assignment: Survey 1 as circled):

6. This takes you to the Upload Assignment: page for that assignment. To download the assignment and get started on it, go to 1) Assignment Information section and click the hypertext to the right of the Assignment Files heading. In the example below, the student would click the Survey1.rtf link, circled in red. If your instructor has any special notes, you'll see those to the right of Instructions, below the Name of the assignment.

 Turn in (Upload) Your Assignment

7. When you have completed the assignment, go back to this same page and scroll down to the 2) Assignment Materials section.
    If you have any comments about the project for your instructor, type them into the Comments text box.
    To upload your completed assignment, click the Browse... button to the right of Attach local file.
    Browse through your local computer's folders to find the finished project.    

8. Once you've selected the proper file, go to the 3) Submit sectioin and click the appropriate button:

      Save allows you to continue working on the project when you're not ready to turn in the file (instructor can't see it yet).
      Submit turns in your project so your instructor can read and grade it.

9. After you click Submit, you'll see a confirmation page like this:

 Read Instructor Comments

10. After your instructor has completed grading the project, return to the Assignments page as described above and click the >> View/Complete Assignment: link for the appropriate assignment. Now you'll see more information on the page, as shown below:

Section 2) Assignment Materials now displays the comment you left for your instructor (to the right of Comments) as well as the file you turned in (to the right of User's Files).

Section 3) Feedback From Instructor now displays three items:
    Grade (how many points you got out of the total possible; in this case 3.0 out of 3.0).
    Comments from your instructor (in this case, Good job!).
    Files From Instructor (in this case, the student had turned in a file called Job Description-sample.doc, and the instructor returned one of the same name).

11. To review a commented file from your instructor, click the underlined (hyper-linked) file name to the right of Files From Instructor (in this case, the instructor returned a file called Job Description-sample.doc, the same name as the file the student turned in). This allows you to download and read your instructor's comments.


I hope you found this walk-through helpful. If you note any errors or confusion in this document, please drop me an email ( and I'll update it. Thanks!

Chris McKitterick
University of Kansas Technical Communication Liaison

Updated 1/12/2010.