English 362: Foundations of Technical Writing
Hybrid Course Lessons

Module 15: Giving Presentations, Part II

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    Peer Review
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This module covers the following topics:

  • Tips for giving great presentations.
  • Using audio-visual software to present complex material.
  • We will workshop the second group of presentations this week. Everyone provides feedback in class and to at least 3 online presentations each week.

Textbook Readings

None this week.

Supplementary Readings

None this week.

This Week's Discussion

This week's Blackboard discussion leaders: Everyone participates in discussions this week!

As we continue to workshop student presentations, share your tips, recommendations, things to avoid, and so on in the Presentation Workshop, Part II, Discussion Forum.

Topics to include in this week's Blackboard discussion:

  • More tips for giving great presentations.
  • What multimedia software do you like best for presenting complex material?
  • Tips, tricks, recommendations.
  • We continue workshopping presentations this week. Everyone provides feedback to at least 3-4 presentations.
  • Think about what is great about the presentation (and we can all learn from), plus what could be even better.

Start the conversations by noon on Monday. Get involved right away, but feel free to continue dropping in to read and respond to new posts throughout the week. Everyone is required to participate in these discussions by posting useful responses to the student leaders' prompts, or at least in response to other comments in the discussion forum. Your participation level - even when not leading discussions - strongly affects your semester grade, so get fully engaged every week!

This week, you need to get involved in the presentation workshop as part of your participation grade.


If you're getting your Presentation workshopped online this week, please post it by Monday noon if possible or noon Wednesday at the latest - sooner is better, so we can work smoothly all week rather than do it all at once during the last few days of the week. If you aren't providing a video- or audio-based presentation to be workshopped by the class, also provide a clear set of presentation notes.

We also have two in-class presentations scheduled - those of you who volunteered to give a live presentation, make sure to practice giving it and doing a solid Q&A in about 20 minutes! We'll want to have a little time to do live workshopping, as well, and we only have a total of 60 minutes. So if you're scheduled this week, be sure to show up a little early and get the projector ready to rock at 4:00pm.

This week's live presenters will be listed in the Weekly section of the syllabus.

Final project is due during Finals Week. A note on page-count: I only include a page-count for those who best visualize a document in pages. More important is the word-count. If you use good organizational elements, a table of contents, tables, callouts, sidebars, headings, charts, illustrations, and so on, you'll end up with more than 300 words/page (which is typical for nothing-but-block-text documents) and approach the 20-page rough estimate noted in the assignment.

After completing each assignment, make sure to back it up (I recommend using a low-cost USB flash device like this or a Web service like Dropbox) before you workshop it. Even if you are late creating a project, you can often avoid getting zero points for that assignment by completing it and turning it in to Blackboard late.

Upload your presentation (or link to it) to Blackboard under the appropriate Blackboard assignment slot ("Presentation") by Sunday at 5:00pm if you wish to make revisions based on feedback from the workshop. Please don't turn in projects via email unless requested.

Peer Review

Required: Workshop the last presentations. Everyone provides live feedback in class, plus online to at least three or more presentations this week, though you can provide more if you wish. Try to mix it up, so everyone gets at least a few critiques. As we workshop student presentations, share your tips, recommendations, things to avoid, and so on.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer in your presentation and in your critiques!


  • Participate in this week's presentation workshopping all week.
  • If we're workshopping your Presentation this week, post it (or a link to it) by Monday noon if possible or noon Wednesday at the latest.
  • This week's presenters, turn in your revised Presentation (or a link to it) to Blackboard by Sunday at 5:00pm.
  • Final project is due during Finals Week.
  • Turn in your response to what you learned observing and participating in this Module's live and online presentations (and share the parts of it you feel comfortable sharing in this week's Discussion Board!). If you'd like to earn the bonus credit (up to +1 bonus), turn in your responses to the in-class and online discussions, presentations, and any possible supplemental readings by Sunday at 5:00pm.

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