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Quick link to list of assignments. Most people prefer to access the assignments via the modules (lesson-module index here) or via the syllabus.

Hand in all your assignments electronically on Blackboard and to your peer-review partners (see this tutorial for instructions on how to get and submit projects via Blackboard). In science and industry, others often need to review your documents and still others process them for insertion into newsletters, magazines, books, websites, or other publication venues. Professionals seldom create, edit, and distribute a document by themselves except occasionally for an organization's internal use.

In order to keep projects, peer-reviews, and discussions rolling smoothly each week, we need to follow some strict guidelines on due dates and times. See the syllabus and module index for details and due dates.

I use Revision Tracking to mark-up your major documents and provide comments, then re-upload the edited document to Blackboard, so you can see my comments. For smaller projects, I put my notes in the Instructor Comments section. Read these comments and look over these edits to learn how to improve your writing. Make sure to read the Instructor Comments section and to download my edited version of your document to see my markups; I expect you to address the writing issues noted there for future projects!

The burden of proof is on you for assignments that don't reach me or your peer-reviewers, so make sure to back up everything and, if necessary, verify delivery when you submit projects. Blackboard is very reliable when it's available; if something fails to upload, it still shows up as a partial attempt. Get into the habit of always backing up your work onto removable media or your USB flash drive, email system, FTP site, or Web service like Dropbox!

When turning in late assignments or when requested to do so, notify me that you have turned them in to Blackboard: cmckit@ku.edu. I might not notice that past-due documents have been turned in unless you tell me you've handed off something new! Remember that an assignment loses a full grade when it's late, and loses more points as the tardiness increases.

Not listed are the peer-review projects; for most peer reviews, use this peer-review guide document (in .doc format) when critiquing your partners' work.

Also not listed is weekly participation in the online Discussion Forum.


Drive-Car procedural document.

Weekly Reading Responses.

Analysis of a good technical document.

Numbers exercise.

Surprise Quiz - link will appear in the appropriate Module and in Blackboard.

Elements of technical writing exercise: Keep it smaller than 4 MB.

New technology report - team project.

Graphics exercise: Keep it smaller than 6 MB. If larger, submit a link to an online host - your personal website, YouTube, or so forth.

HTML and CSS exercises.

Specification document or proposal - individual or team bonus project.

Website - individual or team bonus project.

Documentation plan for final project.

Presentation - whether presenting to the class or not, turn in your project during this range of dates.

Manual analysis exercise.

FINAL PROJECT: Manual or technical paper. Submit this via Blackboard or turn in a direct link to your document online. No final test.

Note: Some assignments aren't posted until the week we do them, or on the day they are assigned. If you missed a week and need to make up an assignment, download the assignment here or via the syllabus; upload it to Blackboard as soon as possible when you are done. If an assignment doesn't have a link, there is nothing to download - it's just information that we'll be doing an exercise that you still need to turn in to Blackboard.

After completing the assignment, make sure to back it up (I recommend using a low-cost USB flash device like this or a Web-based backup system like Dropbox), turn it in to Blackboard after getting your peer-review feedback; please don't send it via email unless requested. You can usually avoid getting zero points for a late assignment by completing it and turning it in to Blackboard late, but be aware that will cause problems for your assigned peer-review partner.

Last updated 8/24/2015.