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Technical Communication Program at KU

Click the links below to get the assignments you need (projects without a link are in-class exercises that you cannot make up outside of class). Turn in most projects via Blackboard (see this tutorial for instructions on how to get and submit projects via Blackboard) and many to the writers whose work you edit. Assignments are listed by week; all are due by 4:00pm on Friday. You must also work out meeting times with your writers.

In addition to the listed assignments, you are also responsible for participating in our online discussions, leading discussions on a rotating basis, and meeting with writers from the technical writing classes, either in person or remotely.

Week 1: Editing test

Week 3: Turn in sample of a problem document

Week 4: Complete edits of problem documents

Week 5: Begin producing a style guide

Week 6: Copyedit problem document

Week 7: Editing test

Week 9: Finish editing student writing projects; meet with writers

Week 10: HTML refresher and cascading style sheet (CSS) exercises

Week 11: Begin editing problem website

Week 12: Complete website edits

Week 13: Complete your portion of the style guide

Week 13: Finish editing student projects; meet with writers

Week 13: Begin developmentally editing student Final-Project doc plans

Week 14: Meet with students to discuss their Final-Project doc plans

Week 15: Style guide complete

Week 15: Edit “surprise” problem website

Final editing project due by end of day on Thursday of Finals Week

This includes all assignments except the exercises which we'll do online. Note that some assignments aren't posted until the week we do them, or on the day they are assigned. If you missed a week and need to make up an assignment, download the assignment here; send it to me as soon as possible when you are done.

After completing an assignment, back it up (I recommend using a low-cost USB flash device like this or a bigger one like this) and turn it in to Blackboard (and often to your peer-reviewers and editors, as well). Even if you missed an assignment or exercise when it was due, you can often avoid getting zero points by completing it and handing it in late.

As an editor, you are responsible for managing meeting times with your writers.

Last updated 8/15/2011.