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The Technical Communication Certificate at the University of Kansas reached the final stages of approval when new administration returned all such proposals. For the time being, the Certificate is on hold (as are the Advanced courses) until KU can hire more TC faculty.

The following information offers some answers to frequently asked questions about the certificate, should it be implemented. For more information, click the link "Certificate Program Proposal" on the left, or contact your instructor.

Q: I want to complete the entire Technical Communication program before I graduate, but I'm already working on a different major. How can I do both in just four years?

A: Starting in Summer 2008, we are offering the Advanced Technical Communication courses as a two-week, in-class intensive program with projects due at mid-term and during Finals Week. For 2008, English 562 is offered as a night class at the KU Edwards Campus while English 564 is offered as an afternoon class at the KU Lawrence Campus. You are encouraged to enroll in both courses to help complete the Technical Communication program more quickly and without interfering with your major-degree course of study.

Q: What happens if I complete the Technical Communication coursework before the certificate is approved?

A: If you complete all the requirements before the certificate is officially approved by the University, your instructor will provide a letter that states you completed the necessary coursework. You will receive your official certificate if or as soon as the program is approved.

Q: Do the courses in the Technical Communication program count toward my degree?

A: Yes, especially if you are an English or Literature, Language, and Writing major. The courses in the program will fulfill two of the writing credits and two electives in the Literature, Language, and Writing major. Foundations of Technical Writing also fulfills the writing requirement for Engineering and other majors. Contact your advisor for further information.

Do you have more questions? Write Chris McKitterick, KU's Technical-Communication Liaison. Frequently asked questions will be answered here, as well.

Last updated 8/15/2012. Check back for updates.