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This page includes good examples of visual communications and some how-to videos.

Graphic Communications and Infographics

Here's a powerful demonstration of how you can use interactive website imagery (using scripting and image overlays) to show a before-and-after of, in this example, the destruction wrought by the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis in Japan in mid-March, 2011.

xkcd is full of awesome; check out these for some ideas: Interplanetary Cessna answers the question, "What would happen if you tried to fly a normal Earth airplane above different Solar System bodies?" See also these amazing visual analyses of a couple of movie plots (click the small images to see them full-size).

For Halloween, here's a well-done tutorial on about how to make skull truffles. Fun! Informative!

Speaking of relevant documentation (we're in politics season...), here's a breakdown of "the 47% who pay no taxes."

Some more about taxes: "Masters of Tax Evasion" infographic.

Here's an amazing tutorial on a maker's website ( about converting an automobile from gasoline to electric. It includes both static images and videos.

I love this page about "rhetological fallacies" - that is, errors and manipulations of logic. A super-useful reference to check when you're building arguments, as well.

The High Plains Aquifer Atlas project shows how you can really liven up visual reporting of data.

My personal website includes a few little tutorials, including this one on installing camshafts, this one on prepping a block for new heads, and so on.

Check out Ward Shelly's excellent "The History of Science Fiction" illustration (this is huge - to see it all, you might need to adjust your browser settings).

Here's a wonderful description of Lagrange points.


Here are a few handy links to resources for creating videos and sharing them on the Web:

Here's how the Ask the Builder video looks when I format this page to embed the video (I just copied the video-embed code from YouTube - speaking of which, here's a great tutorial for embedding YouTube videos):

Oh my gosh, what fun! Also be sure to check out the full Instructables page, which uses lots of great features to tell you how to build a steam-powered, remote-control tank:

Here is a great example of what you can do using video to communicate technical information in an informative and wonderfully interesting way:

And another by IKEA, because they discovered that some customers were still running into trouble assembling products despite IKEA's excellent print instructions:

Keep looking!

You'll find lots more out there - next time you see a website or book or other medium that uses visuals to share information, examine it critically to find ways you can use such tools to better communicate what you have to say!

Last updated 3/11/2015.