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Through Blackboard

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Maybe you're doing a peer-review, maybe you're collaborating on a team project, or maybe you just need to contact a fellow student. KU doesn't like to expose email addresses, but you can easily reach other students in your classes through Blackboard. Here's how:

1. In your course view in Blackboard, click the Send Email button on the left navigation panel.

2. In the Send Email view, click the Select Users item.

3. In the Single / Select Users view, select the student or students you wish to contact, and then click the arrow button in the center to move them to the Selected box.

4. Fill in a useful Subject line and type your message. If you do not mind sharing your email address with the student, it's a good idea to include that now in the body of your message so they can more easily contact you in the future.

5. Click Submit when you are ready to send the message.


Last updated 8/27/2014.