The Emmett Till Memory Project uses a variety of digital tools to commemorate the murder of Emmett Till.

Following fifty years without a single memorial to the murder of Emmett Till in the state of Mississippi, we created the Emmett Till Memory Project (ETMP) in 2014 as a collaborative, transmedia project that provides resources with which the public can learn about Till's murder and its legacy. Using a GPS-enabled smartphone app, the ETMP takes visitors to ten sites related to Till's murder in the Mississippi Delta. By using each site to tell a different version of Till's story, and by providing historical evidence and archival documents for each version of the story, the ETMP encourages the public to actively engage the story by weighing the evidence for themselves.

When the app is completed, it will be part of Visit Mississippi’s (the tourism arm of the state) official commemorative infrastructure.

In addition to the app, the ETMP is also partnering with the Emmett Till Memorial Commission of Tallahatchie County, Inc. to renovate the historic Tallahatchie County Courtroom (the site of the Till trial). In January 2017, the National Park Service awarded the Emmett Till Memorial Commission $500,000 to install digital commemorative hardware inside the Courthouse. The Commission designated the Emmett Till Memory Project to provide the content for these displays.

The Emmett Till Memory Project has the express endorsement of the Emmett Till Trust, the Mamie Till-Mobley Memorial Foundation, Visit Mississippi, Tallahatchie County, and the Emmett Till Memorial Commission.

The Emmett Till Memory Project is a work-in-progress. While prototypes of the app and website are live (and you can visit them with the links below) we are in the midst of a major fundraising campaign to upgrade and professionalize every feature of the project. Hopefully you’ll see a lot of changes soon!

The Emmett Till Memory Project is a collaborative project with Davis Houck and Pablo Correa of Florida State University, Chris Spielvogel of Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation, and Patrick Weems of the Emmett Till Interpretive Center. For technical expertise we rely on Hammons & Associates (Greenwood, MS), Lite Brite Neon Studios (Brooklyn, NY), and Ralph Appelbaum Associates (New York, NY).

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Funding provided by The Hall Center for the Humanities. We are currently pursuing further funding from National Endowment for the Humanities and the Whiting Foundation. 

Emmett Till Memory Project

Photo: Pablo Correa. Tallahatchie County Courthouse, Sumner, Mississippi, 2014. Renovated to its 1955 appearance.