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In January 2013 we took our first group of students to Pothawira, an orphanage, school, and medical clinic located near Salima Malawi.  Pothawira means “Safe Haven” and it is just that for more than 100 children orphaned most often as a result of the HIV/Aids epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

In January 2014 we will return to Pothawira with a new team of senior clinical students (nurses, doctors, etc.), undergraduate students majoring in pre-healthcare fields, and experienced practitioners.  We will see approximately 1000 patients in a weeks time.  We will test for Malaria and HIV, treat wounds, assist local physicians and nurses, and care for the orphans and the community surrounding the Pothawira.

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How does a herpetologist get involved in medical missions to Africa?  The short answer is: “Need and Opportunity”.   Until now, KU offered only one pre-health care related study abroad program.  In teaching human anatomy, I see hundreds of pre-health care students who would love to be mentored by clinically trained students and practitioners in the context of a service trip like this.  The need was evident.  The opportunity came through a partnership with the Global Orphan Project and Global Health Innovations, two NGOs based in Kansas City that are intimately involved in the work at Pothawira.

Interested in the herpetofauna of Malawi?  So am I.  There will be opportunities in the future to join me in field work in Malawi.  Contact me if you are interested.