WWI works in the Spencer Museum of Art


This is a working draft of a pdf document listing the holdings in the Spencer Museum of Art that concern World War I. It derives from the label copy for an exhibition we organized at the Spencer Museum of Art a few years ago: Machine in a Void: World War I and the Graphic arts. Comments in orange are "notes to self."

How to find images of the works on the list -->

This list is still in draft form and is not illustrated, but you can search our collection database by enterning a search term in the search box at the upprt right corner of the Spencer Museum of art home page. The list that you access here includes the accession number of each work of art. The accession number begins with the year the work was acquired by the art museum and is followed by a period and a second number that indicates when the work was acquired. For example, 2006.0100 indicates the 100th work of art acquired by the museum in 2006. 2006.0100 is the accession number for a drawing by Otto Dix of an exploding hand grenade. If your drop this number into the search field it will take you to the record for the work in our database which usually includes a thumbnail image of the work.

How to see the works in person -->

Unless otherwise noted, the original works of art are stored in the Spencer Museum of Art. Most of them are in the collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Information on visiting can be found here. Please read our guidelines for visiting if you have not visted us before.

Short texts in red in square brackets indicate footnotes that are not yet written.