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Self Study
The Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of AERA and a way to approach thinking about one's own teaching practice, one's experiences in teacher education, and the way to make a difference in the lives of children. For more information, see Hamilton's edited text Reconceptualizing Teaching Practice (1998) London: Falmer Press.

Teaching & Teacher Education Journal
Mary Lynn Hamilton is the North American Associate Editor for Teaching and Teacher Education beginning in May 2001. Web-based information about the journal is available by clicking on its name.



Current Research

Casing Teacher Education
Can students' use of interactive cases  about teaching help them to analyze and apply theory to practice? This study explores that question.

What keeps the KU School of Education fifth year completers teaching?
Nationally, the United States is experiencing a teacher shortage.  We have far more openings for teachers than we have qualified teachers to fill them.  Worse, those teachers hired often do not remain in the profession more than three years.  What draws these teachers away from their chosen profession?  Poor preparation?  Difficult working conditions?  Darling-Hammond (1996) suggests that five-year programs prepare better teachers.  Further, research claims that better prepared teachers stay in the profession longer (Zeichner & Gore, 1996).  Although this is public knowledge, there is an epidemic of teachers leaving the profession and leaving too many empty teaching positions.  How do our fifth year completers of the University of Kansas teacher education program (KUTeachers) fare within that crisis? In the profession?

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