ARCE 681

Architectural Engineering Design II
Building Mechanical and Energy Systems Section

Class cooling tower

Catalog Course Description

Comprehensive architectural engineering design project in a specific area of professional practice. Prerequisite: ARCE 680 or consent of the instructor. Fifth year senior standing in architectural engineering.

Required or Elective Course?

One section of this course is required for B.S. in architectural engineering students. But with adviser and others' approval this course may be an elective for other undergraduate and graduate degree programs, but such students should likely enroll in ARCE 662, Water Systems Design, instead. ARCE 681 is taught annually in each Spring semester. It is six credit-hours of engineering design.

Typical Course Topics

As time allows (topics at students' requests):

Latest Syllabus

ARCE 681, Prof. Rock via .pdf file

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Prof. Rock

Some Senior Design Projects:

Solar Thermal Energy Systems

Revised: September 18, 2013