ARCE 698

ARCE Comprehensive Design Project

HVAC piping

Catalog Course Description

Capstone architectural engineering design course that includes the analysis, design, and integration of a building's structural, mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems. Building codes, standards, performance, and sustainability are addressed, and BIM software utilized. Prerequisites: CMGT 357, CMGT 500, ARCE 640, ARCE 650, ARCE 661, and CE 562.

Required or Elective Course?

ARCE 698, and its mechanical portion, is required for B.S. in architectural engineering students. With adviser and other consent, the course may be an elective for other undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The course is taught annually in the spring semesters. It is three credit-hours of engineering design.

Latest Syllabi

Doc Rock's ARCE 698 Syllabus, via a .pdf file

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