Courses that have been taught by Dr. Rock

ARCE 101 Introduction to Architectural Engineering
ARCE 357 Introduction to Engineering Economy
ARCE 561 Principles of Building Mechanical Systems
ARCE 660 Building Thermal Science
ARCE 661 HVAC&R Systems Design
ARCE 662 Water Systems Design
Old ARCE 662 Building Mechanical Systems (Split into 660 and 661 in the 1990's)
ARCE 664 Fire Protection Engineering
ARCE 665 Solar Energy Systems Design
ARCE 675 Sound and Vibration Control (new, not yet offered)
ARCE 680 Architectural Engineering Design I
ARCE 681 Architectural Engineering Design II
ARCE 698 ARCE Comprehensive Design Project
ARCE 760 Automatic Controls for BMS
ARCE 764 Advanced Thermal Analysis of Buildings

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Last modified: August 8, 2014