Recent publications in pdf format
A study documenting attachment of Shewanella putrefaciens to magnetite surfaces
A study of dissimilatory iron reduction of lateritic sediments
A study documenting the trapping of microorganisms in laboratory-grown halite
A compilation of techniques used to image and quantify microorganisms on rock surfaces
A recent publication in Geology documenting microbial dolomite formation in the laboratory
A study documenting microbial uptake of P and Fe from silicate minerals
A study documenting the role of Al and Fe in controlling surface colonization by microorganisms
A study of the preservation of microborings as fluid inclusions
Bacterial attachment onto quartz surfaces
Bacterial attachment to P and Fe mineral inclusions within silicate rocks
Feldspars as a source of P for microorganisms
A study of differential colonization of silicate minerals
A study documenting the influence of silicate mineralogy on aromatic biodegadation