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John Younger

AdamThe Technique of Greek SculptureNB90 .A27
Ashmole & YalourisOlympiafolio NB91.O6 A78
BlümelGreek Sculptors at WorkNB90 .B552
Boardman & FinnThe Parthenon and its Sculpturesfolio NB91.A7 B63 1985
BoardmanGreek Art & Architecture N5630 .G713
BrommerDer Parthenonfries, vols. 1 & 2 folio NB91.A7 B86
BrommerDie Metopen des Parthenon folio NA281 .B7
BrommerDie Skulpturen der Parthenon Giebel folio NB91.A7 B87
Carpenter Architects of the Parthenon. NA281 .C36
Cooper, F.Temple of Apollo Bassitas, all vols. oversize NA285.B3 C67 1992
Cosmopoulos, M., ed. The Parthenon and its Sculptures in the 21st Century NB91.A7 P37 2002
CoulsonEuphranorF1346 .025 no. 8
CoultonAncient Greek Architects at Work NA270 .C65 1977
DucatLes Kouroi du Ptoion, le sanctuaire d'Apollon Ptoieus à l'époque archaïque.Anschutz 930.08 B471 fasc. 219 1971
FinnGreek Monumental Bronze Sculpture folio NB140 .F5 1983
HammondHistory of Greece DF214 .H2
Hauser, CGreek Monumental Bronze Sculpture of the Fifth & Fourth Cents. B.C. NB140 .H68 1987
Haynes, D.,The Technique of Greek Bronze Statuary NB140 .H39 1992
Hurwit, Jeffrey M.The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C. NX551.A1 H87 1985, Edwards Campus
Hurwitt, J.The Athenian Acropolis DF287.A2 H87 1999
Jenkins, I.The Parthenon Frieze NB91.A7 J46 1994
KaulenDaidalika NB90 .K38
Kurtz & B. SparkesEye of Greece N5650 .E9 1982
Linders, T., and G. Nordquist, eds.Gifts to the Gods, Boreas 15 (1987) BL570 .G53 1987
LulliesGreek Sculpture folio NB90 .L813 1957b
MattuschGreek Bronze Statuary NB140 .M38 1988
Neils, J.The Parthenon Frieze NA2965 .N45 2001
Palagia, Olga, and Jeremy Pollitt eds,Personal Styles in Greek Sculpture. Yale Classical Studies 30 (1996). PA25 .Y3 vol. 30
Palagia, OlgaEuphranor. Leiden: Brill 1980 NB105.E93 P34
Palagia, OlgaPediments of the Parthenon NA281 .P28 1993
PayneArchaic Marble Sculpture from the Acropolis folio NB87.A8 P3
PollittAncient View of Greek Art N7476 .P64
PollittArt & Experience N5630 .P54 1972
RichterArchaic Gravestones of Attica folio NB1370 .R5 1961
RichterArchaic Greek Art N5630 .R48
RichterKorai folio NB94 .R52
RichterKouroi folio NB94 .R53 1970
RichterPortraits of the Greeks, vols 1-3 & Suppl.
RidgwayArchaic Style in Greek Sculpture olio N7586 .R5
RidgwayFifth Century Styles NB90 .R564
RidgwayFourth Century Styles NB90 .R565 1997
RidgwaySevere Style in Greek Sculpture NB90 .R57
Robertson & FrantzParthenon FriezeFolio NB91.A7 R62
RobertsonHistory of Greek Art, vols 1 & 2 N5630 .R63
Rockwell, P.The Art of Stoneworking: A Reference Guide NB1208 .R63 1993
Stewart, Andrew F.Art, Desire, and the Body in Ancient Greece N5633 .S74 1997
StewartGreek Sculpture NB90 .S74 1990
TravlosPictorial Dictionary of Ancient Athens NA280 .T68

Younger's Supplementary Readings
vol. 1

M Gjodesen, "Greek Bronzes: A Review Article"
CC Matusch, "The Berlin Foundry Cup: The Casting of Greek Bronze Statuary in the Early Fifth Century B.C."
EB Harrison, "Alkamenes' Sculptures for the Hephaisteion," Part I, "The Cult Statues," & Part II, "The Base"
BS Ridgway, "The Study of Ancient Sculpture"
BS Ridgway, "A Story of Five Amazons"
R Tobin, "The Canon of Polykleitos"
LV Watrous, "The Sculptural Program of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphi"
EB Harrison, "The South Frieze of the Nike Temple and the Marathon Painting in the Painted Stoa"

vol. 2

BS Ridgway, "Birds, 'Meniskoi,' and Head Attributes in Archaic Greece"
L Bonfante, "Nudity as a Costume in Classical Art"
JM Hurwit, "The Kritios Boy"
BS Ridgway, "Ancient Greek Women and Art"
S Lattimore, "Skopas and the Pothos"
G Davies, "The Significance of the Handshake Motif in Classical Funerary Art"
LV Watrous, "The Sculptural Program of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphi"

vol. 3

R. Osborne, "Viewing Women" in I. Morris, ed., Classical Greece: ancient histories and modern archaeologies

John Younger