John Younger's Dogs & Cats

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Last update: 5 December 2015

Present companions

Charlie, born 2011 but new to the family, 19 Nov. 2015

Korax ("Kory") the ultimate gamesman, b. 11 Nov. 2001

Wanda and Ted; Wanda, a.k.a. Speedbump, b. 1 September 2007

Teddy, b. 2002, but a recent addition to the family (Fall 2011): worn out from all this sleeping.

Group shots

See! The world CAN live as one! (as long as you have a red collar: Luigi and Teddy, 2013.)

L-R: Xan the Bear Dog, Miss Maggle Waggle, Max the Monster Dog

the Sheltie brothers "Korax" and "Rorax" (standing), b. 11 Nov. 2001 (AKA "Kory" and "Rory", "Devil Pups"). Champion Shoe-Chewers.

Gone but never forgotten...

Luigi, b. 1 March 2008, d. 25 November 2015. Very curious about everything (trying to figure it all out). Fluent in any language..

"Maggie," b. 1997?, d. 3 March 2011 (AKA "Maggle-Waggle"). "Protector of the Pack," "Honorary Guy." "Back off, guys -- I'M in charge around here now!!"

Yellow Lab "Xanthos," b. 1992?, d. 13 Apr. 2009 (AKA "Zan", "Zanny", "Zanster").
"Life sure is grand!"; "Since John wouldn't let me be the fattest dog in the world, I was the oldest!"

Pointer "Max," b. Spring 1988; d. 27 Dec. 2003 (AKA "the Monster Dog", "Galaxo", "Act-up"): "I ALMOST caught that squirrel!"

Sheltie "Rory," brother to "Kory," b. 11 Nov. 2001, d. 28 Sep. 2005 (AKA "the Poet Pup")

Sheltie "Goldie", d. 7 July 2000 (AKA "The Shelt", "Rippy", "Brave Sir Riplet"): "Got any doughnuts?"

Shepherd-mix "Bogart", d. 23 Nov. 1997 (AKA "Bogey", "Bo-Dog"): "How about a walk, bark, and burger?"