Geometric to Late Classical (10th - 1st centuries BCE)

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ca. 950Proto-Geometric vase-painting: black bands, some compass-drawn circles
ca. 900Early Geometric vase-painting: less black, more space, more circles"Tomb of the Rich Athenian Woman"
ca. 800Middle Geometric vase-painting: meander patterns, pyxides & horse-handles
introduction of Phoenician script & invention of vowels
7761st Olympiad
ca. 725Late Geometric vase-painting: horror vacui, free use of human figures and animals
Homer and Hesiod; rise of "polis"; period of colonization
Dipylon amphora


ca. 690Phoenician & Syrian influence; invention of coinage; "tyrants" at Corinth, Syracuse, Samos
Daedalic sculpture
ProtoCorinthian pottery
"Lady of Auxerre", Prinias Temple
MacMillan Vase (~650)
660/650Proto-AtticRam Jug Ptr, Analatos Ptr, Ptr of the New York Nessos
610last Proto-AtticNessos Ptr


ca. 610pottery: Athenian black-figure (to ca. 525/510)
sculpture: kouroi & korai
architecture: stone temples
Sophilos, C-Ptr, Kleitias & Ergotimos's "François krater"
"Berlin goddess", "Sounion" & NY kouroi
T. of Apollo at Thermon, T. of Hera at Olympia
566Panathenaia festival first celebrated?Burgon vase (earliest Panathenaic amphora)
ca. 550change from Doric peplos to Ionic chitonAcropolis korai begin
pre-525 Siphnian Treasury, Delphi
ca. 525Peisistratos in Athens
red-figure invented
Hekatompedon pediments
the "Pioneers": Oltos, Euphronios, Euthymides
514Harmodios & Aristogeiton assassinate HipparchosAntenor's "Tyrannicides"
513-500Hippias in control of AthensT. of Apollo (Alcmaeonid) pediments (Delphi)
510/509expulsion of Hippias: the Kleisthenic democracyAthenian Treasury, Delphi
4901st Persian invasion (Darius): defeat at Marathon (late Summer)
introduction of contrapposto in sculpture (Severe Style)
victory architecture
Kritias Boy, Euthydikos Kore
T. Aphaia on Aigina, "PreParthenon" in Athens
4802nd Persian invasion (Xerxes) overland: Athens destroyed; Persian defeat at Salamis (20 Sept)
Phoenician defeat at Himera
T. of Aphaia, Aigina: new E. pediment


479Persian remnants defeated at PlataiaSerpent Column
478-4 Charioteer, Delphi (Polyzelos of Syracuse)
477/6 2nd Tyrannicides Group, by Kritios & Nesiotes
468-457 Temple of Zeus, Olympia
454Delian League moves to Athens = Athenian Confederacy 
449Perikles becomes "polemarch"
Confederacy => Athenian Empire
Polykleitos fl. (Doryphoros)
High Classical vase painting (e.g., Polygnotos, Niobid Ptr)
Periklean Building Program
Athena Parthenos
438Parthenon dedicated
444-440Temple of Poseidon, Sounion
440-436Temple of Ares, Acharnai (removed to Agora under Augustus)
437-432Propylaia by Mnesikles
436-432Temple of Nemesis, Rhamnous
444/3Thurii foundedItalian red-figure begins
Syracuse Ptr
431Peloponnesian War begins (the Peloponnesian League vs. the Athenian Empire) 
429Plague at Athens; death of PeriklesChryselephantine Zeus, Olympia
427-424 Temple of Athena Nike
425Athenian victory at PylosNike of Paionios
421Peace of Nikias
2nd plague in the Peloponnese
Erechtheion (421/0, 409-406): plan & Caryatids
T. of Apollo Epikourios, Bassae
Late classical vase-painting (e.g., Meidias Ptr, Eretria Ptr)
416/415Athenian expedition to Syracuse defeated 
410democracy restored in Athens 
409 Athena Nike, temple & balustrade
Erechtheion completed (409-406), frieze
403Defeat of Athens at Aigospotomoi 


399execution of Sokrates
395/4Corinthian WarDexileos Stele
394establishment of the Second Athenian Confederacy
388Plato teaches at the Academy
375 *"Peace & Wealth" by Kephisodotos
*Apulian red-figure (e.g., Darius Ptr)
371defeat of Sparta at Leuktra by Thebes375-370 or 371-366: Temple of Asclepius (Epidaurus): architect Theodotos; sculpture by Timotheos & Hektorides
International Styles in sculpture (Scopas, Bryaxis, Timotheos, Leochares, Euphranor)
364-55T. of Athena Alea, Tegea (Scopas)
356/350T. of Artemis at Ephesos burnt; new temple begun (350) with sculptures by Scopas,
353/350King Mausolus of Halikarnassos dies; Aspasia builds the "Mausoleum" (sculptures by Scopas, Bryaxis, Timotheos, & Leochares
Theatre & Tholos, Epidauros by Polykleitos II
Euphranor's Paris, perhaps the Piraeus bronzes
356birth of Alexander III of Macedon  
362Thebes vs Sparta at Mantineia, Epaminondas dies there, Thebes retires Record Relief (treaty of Athens with Arcadia)
344-334Daochos Monument, copy at Delphi, by Lysippos 
ca. 340Krateros Group (Alexander, Krateros, lion), Delphi 
339/84th Sacred War: Philip of Macedon calls the Synhedrion
Lykourgos: new building program in Athens
Athens: stone-built Theatre of Dionysos, Olympic stadium
336assassination of Philip ascension of Alexander III"Philip" Tomb at Vergina
Alexander's coinage by Lysippos
335/4 Athens: Lysicrates Monument
333Battle of the Issus: final defeat of PersiaAlexander Sarcophagus begun for King Abdalonymos of Sidon
329 Votive Relief with Artemis & Asklepios (Copenhagen)
323Alexander the Great dies at Babylon 

HELLENISTIC (datable art works only)

321-317Record Relief (Römische Mitteilungen 47, 1932, pl. 29.1)
317/6Demetrios of Phaleron's anti-sumptuary decree: end of Attic sculpted stelai
313Temple of Apollo, Didyma begun (work stops A.D. 14)
306-280Portrait of Seleukos I
304-285Portraits of Ptolemy I
302-290Colossos of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos
296-293Tyche of Antioch by Eutychides for the re-founding of Ephesos
295-294Record Relief (S. Âsserott, Griechische Plastik, pl. 44.1)
295-280Themis by Chairestratos
289-281Arsinoeion, Samothrace
280-279Demosthenes by Polyeuktos
228Dying Gaul & Wife, Galatian monument by Attalos I
200Chrysippos by Euboulides I?
Pergamine Monument at Athens
190-185Nike of Samothrace by Pythokritos of Rhodes
180Temple of Despoina, Lykosura by Damophon
175-150Laokoon, Venus di Milo, & original of Sperlonga Group by Hagesandros, Polydoros, & Athanodoros of Rhodes
Belvedere Torso signed by Apollonios of Athens
174Temple of Zeus Olympios ("Olympieion"), Athens begun by Antiochus IV Epiphanes of Seleucia (work stops A.D. 132)
167Monument of Aemilius Paulus, Delphi
159-138Stoa of Attalos II, Athens (reconstructed AD 1952)
150-125Altar of Zeus, Pergamum
146Rome destroys Corinth, its art works taken to Rome; the province of Greece established, including Achaia and Macedonia
145-135Stele honoring historian Polybius (Delphi)
138/7Portraits of Cleopatra & Dioskurides, Delos
130Athena by Euboulides II
Gaios Ophellios (Delos) by Dionysios & Timarchides
Temple of Artemis, Magnesia
125Apotheosis of Homer, relief by Archelaus of Priene
88Athens sacked by Sulla
65-35statues signed by Stephanos, a pupil of Pasiteles, & Menelaos, a pupil of Stephanos
ca 50Neo-attic style

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