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Notes and Comments

Poems in English

  • (with Denise low): Poet! Help us genocide you and your own, here is a knife. Coal City Review 2009

Books and Monographs

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Work In Progress

  • The American School of Economics, a Kantian eminent critique. Paper: Smith Notes 2, in process.
  • Measurement of Geographical Inequality in Kazakhstan Originated in Oil Revenues with Tatyana Kudasheva, Svetlana Kunitsa, in process.
  • The poetry of Mohammad Affifi Matar (with Denise Low), manuscript completed, under review.
  • Promoting Compassion and Generosity through Attachment Security: The Cognitive and Neural Underpenning of Generocity Enhancement. Co-PI With Omri Gillath PI, and Ruth Ann Atchley Co-PI. 150,000 $, University of Notre Dame, 10/1/2010 to 5/31/2012. Paper in process.
  • Social Capital, Spiritual Capital
  • Affordability Theory; the theory of virtual nirvana, a satire connected with contestablility theory.
  • Calculus of Set Valued Maps with Applications to Economics, (with Fred Van Vleck), A monograph.
  • A Mathematical Invitation To Economics. An adaptation of Griffith Conrad Evans': Mathematical Introduction to Economics. McGraw-Hill, 1930. A monograph.
  • Principles of Economics (in Arabic), (with Sultan Abu Ali and Hana'a Khair el Din). A book.
  • Economic Theory and Intellectual Adaptation. A monograph.
  • Structural Economics. A monograph.
  • The Russian Economy in Transition, the application of American Economic Theory. A monograph.