To The Department of Economics

  • Grievance Committee (current), Honours coordinator , Undergraduate Program Committee (current). Executive Committee (elected) (several times in the past), Liaison to African studies, Liaison to CREEES, Liaison to Honours Program , Faculty Evaluations Committee . Departmental P&T (Current), Department Sabbatical leave committee 2007, and 2008.
  • Oswald Chair Search Committee (chair), Graduate Program Committee (several terms). Recruitment Committee . Colloquium Committee 2008, Coordinator of Speakers Program, 1987-1988.
  • Editor of Working Paper Series, 1987- 1993. Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the teaching of the Principles Course, 1992-1993. Graduate Admissions Committee, 1991- .1993, 2007-2008, PhD exam committee 2008, 2009.

To The College of Arts and Sciences

  • CGIS executive committee (current), Search Committee for African Studies (2005), Executive Committee for Kansas African Studies Center (KASCR) (current), Honors Faculty Fellow, Chair, Sabbatical Leave Committee (elected two terms), Elections Committee, 1994-1995,2008- current , Promotion and Tenure (elected), 1986-1988 and 2006-2009. , Committee to recruit a Soviet Area Studies Economist, 1990 Search Committee for Soviet Area Specialist, 1990-1991.College Program Evaluation Committee, 1992.
  • Recruitment Committee, Mathematics Department, several terms. Sabbatical Leave Committee (elected), two terms.
  • Advisory Committee, Computer Science Department, 1992-1993. Oversight Committee, Economics Department, 1993-1995 Executive Committee, REES (elected) 1994-1995, 1995-1996.

To Institute of Public Policy and Business Research

  • Organizer of the Institute's Seminar Series. Promotions committee.

To The University

  • University Senate, elected, 2012- . TRP, TRI 2010. University Senate Research Committee, (several terms, chair), University Council (elected) (5terms).(Current), University Senate Executive Committee (elected 5 terms) (current), Chair University Senate Executive Committee (elected)1997-1998, President Elect of The University Council 1998, University Committee on Sabbatical Leaves. Chair, University Committee on Planning and Resources. Intra University Professorship Review Committee. FRPR Committee. Mentor for University Scholars Program. Truman Scholarship Committee. Summer Honors Institute Committee. Task Force on Minority Concerns, 1988.Executive Committee of the Center for International Programs, 1988-91.Chair, Subcommittee on Curriculum and Research, International Studies and Programs., 1989-1990.Chair, Nominating Committee, International Studies and Programs, 1990.University Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1988.Chair, Ad Hoc Committee to study the Sabbatical Leave Process, 1989.
  • Chair, Ad Hoc Committee to study the University Salary Structure, 1989-1991.Planning and Resources (chair 1991-92, 1992-93), 1990-1993. Mission 2000 Steering Committee, 1991-1993.University-wide Program Evaluation Committee, 1992-1993.Committee to evaluate the Dean of the College, 1992-1993.
  • Search Committee for University Professor of Political Economy, 1992-1993.Committee on M.A. in International Studies, 1992-1993. University Scholars Steering committee, 1993- 2007. Organized ,and Personally funded preparations for, conference on Doing Business in an Islamic Environment, KU Lawrence, KS March 2006. University Senate (elected 2006-2009). Faculty Rights Board 2006- .
  • Faculty Handbook Task Force 2010

To The Profession

  • Organized workshop on Business environment from an Islamic perspective Cairo Egypt 2005, Lawrence KS 2006.
  • Referee for Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Economic Education, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Mid-American Journal of Politics, Journal of Optimization Theory and Its Applications, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, and Journal of Economics, Journal of economic education, Economic Systems.
  • Reviewer for Mathematics Reviews. Co-Chair: Applications of control theory in economic theory (with Fred Vanvleck) SIAM Conference on Control St Louis, April 1995. Unpaid Volunteer Professor for 2 weeks in New Economics School, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1995. Outside reviewer for promotions decisions. Member of the Editorial Board of Middle Eastern Economics and Business Review. Member of the Editorial Board of the Kansas Business Review. Co-chair, Program Committee, Association of University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) National Meeting, 1990.

To The Community

  • Town Hall Meeting on economic trouble in US, Oct. 27 2008, Lawrence Public Library
  • Round Table Discussion on Economic Troubles in US, Central National Bank Women's Roundtable, Nov 19 2008
  • Boy Scout Troop 60 Committee, 1972-1979. Helped with Officiating Track Meets for Kansas Relays and Lawrence Road Runners, 1980-1994. Day of Caring with Golden Key members at Ballard Centre Sep 1995.