Phonotactic Probability


Neighborhood Density


After many years of serving the research community, the computer that ran the phonotactic probability and neighborhood density calculators finally died. We have worked with Information Technology at the University of Kansas to maintain (and update) these resources, albeit in a slightly different form. These pages are still under construction (so not all the languages or the child calculator are available yet), but we wanted to make sure the calculators were available to those who use them, even if the webpages aren't pretty at the moment.

The original calculators were
supported in part by research grants R03 DC 04259 (Kansas University), and R01 DC 0265801 (University at Buffalo) from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health. The more recent versions of the calculators (which now includes languages other than English, and the Child Calculators developed by Holly Storkel, Ph.D. and the Word & Sound Learning Lab) were supported in part by funds from the University of Kansas, and from visiting Fulbright Scholars.

Phonotactic Probability Calculator

Neighborhood Density Calculator