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Class meets from 3:00-4:15

Working calendar for Evolution & Human Affairs, Spring 2011
January 2011
1/24   1/26  
Intro/Syllabus   Kris Krishtalka, Natural History Museum
Scientific thinking
Feb 2011
Jan 31   Feb 2  
Kris Krishtalka,
Saralyn Reece-Hardy, Spencer Art
James Woelfel, Philosophy/Humanities & Western Civ
Cross paradigm epistemologies
  Rex Clark, German
Global knowledge networks
Feb 7   Feb 9  
Rex Clark, German
Explore, collect, compare, exhibit: Spencer Research Library
Feb 14   Feb 16 Feb 17
Steve Case, Ctr Science Ed
Jeffrey Moran, History
Evolution and activism
  Robert Hagen, Biology
Intro to Biological Thinking
EVENING: Shaun Nichols, Philosophy
Biology, Culture, and the Evolution of Morlaity

Feb 21   Feb 23
Scott Jenkins, Philosophy
Making sense of Nichols
  Chris Brown, Geography
Awareness, Action, and Moral Concern: The Future of Our Civilization
March 2011
Feb 28   March 2
Synthesis   Michael Crawford, Anthropology
Natural Selection in contemporary human populations
March 7   March 9
David Frayer, Anthropology
Human origins
  James Mielke, Anthropology
Health and Disease

March 14   March 16



Film: The Botany of Desire

March 21   March 24
Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break

March 28   March 30

Omri Gillath, Psychology
Evolution and Interpersonal Relationships

EVENING: Debra Hawhee, English
An episode in evolution and human affairs: Kenneth Burke and Gesture-Speech Theory

  SRCD -no class
April 2011
April 4   April 6
Stephen Ilardi, Psychology
Evolution and psychopathology
  Patricia Hawley, Psychology
Evolution and Human Development
April 11   April 13
Synthesis   Andrew Torrance, Law
Something awesome
April 18   April 20
Anna Neill, English
British discovery, Victorian literature, and evolution
  Donna Luckey, Architecture
Natural law, natural principles, and urban design

EVENING: David Barash, Psychology
Payback: Why we retaliate, seek revenge, and redirect aggression...And what we can do about it.
April 25   April 27
    Saralyn Reece-Hardy, Spencer Art
Art as Process
May 2   May 4
    David Sloan Wilson, Anthropology & Biology--CONFIRMED
Designing the City (remote lecture)
May 9   May 11
Final synthesis  

Final synthesis