Research Focus

Our group conducts research on the behavior of precast and cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures, with the aim of impacting engineering practice. We work to solve wide ranging problems, but have a particular interest in the behavior of members subjected to earthquake-induced deformations. Much of our work falls into two major thrusts:

  • Use of emergent technologies, including advanced materials like fiber-reinforced concrete and high-strength steel as well as innovations like 3D printing, with the aim of improving the efficiency and robustness of reinforced concrete construction, and
  • Uncovering, understanding, and mitigating vulnerabilities in the existing built environment to improve the safety and well-being of the public.

  • Sample Research

  • Reconnaissance following natural disasters: 2017 Mexico City to survey earthquake damage; 2019 Kansas to survey tornado damage
  • Development of Precision and Bias Statement for ASTM A1061
  • Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams with High-Strength Steel Bars
  • High-Strength Steel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Walls: Influence of Mechanical Properties of Steel on Deformation Capacity
  • Composite Action in Prestressed NU I-Girder Bridge Deck Systems Constructed with Bond Breakers to Facilitate Deck Removal

  • Personal Background

    After completing my dissertation at the University of Michigan working with Gustavo Parra-Montesinos and James Wight, I went to work as a consulting engineer in Chicago. In my time there I was involved with design plan reviews, structural evaluations, retrofit designs, litigation support, and structural failure investigations. I then pursued Post-Doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin, where I worked with Gustavo Parra-Montesinos and José Pincheira. We studied two-way shear in slabs under earthquake-type loads, investigated buckling of reinforcement in fiber-reinforced concrete, and proposed revisions of the strength-reduction factor for columns. I have since taught and conducted research at the University of Kansas. I also provide consulting and expert witness services.