Math 940- Advanced Probability
Spring 2018
MWF 11:00--11:50 SNOW 564

Terry Soo, Snow 610
Office hours: TBA

Course description.
This is a measure theoretic probability course covering some standard topics in advanced probabilty such as limit theorems, conditional expectation, random walks, Markov chains, martingales, point processes, Palm measure, random graphs, and Brownian motion. We will cover topics according to our interests. In addition, in order to avoid overlap with Math727/Math728/865/866, we will try approach these topics from a different perspective. For example, in Math727, the typical proof of the central limit theorem is by characteristic functions. Rather than revisiting this and merely giving more details of the proof, I'm hoping we will cover an entropy proof of the central limit theorem. We will also make an effort to connect our studies to present day research in probability theory.  

Measure theory and Math 727. Please see me if you have doubts about background.   This is a high level graduate course.

Subject to revision

Presentations (of topics or important lemmas and exercises) 
Final project/presentation

No textbook is required.  We will not follow any particular textbook, but will draw material from a variety of sources, including papers.

Suitable references

Probability: Theory and examples.  Durrett
Foundations of modern probability.  Kallenberg
Real analysis and probability.  Dudley