John G. Younger

Professor Emeritus of Classics

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cell phone in the US: 785-979-6233

John & Harrison Cody Thomas Haynes (Cody), married 15 April 2016

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Professional Data

University of Kansas, 2002-2019 (June 30)
Duke University, 1974-2002

Stanford University, BA History Honors 1967 with second majors in Classics and Music
University of Cincinnati, MA Classical Studies 1969: "The Iconography of Early Cretan Seals"
University of Cincinnati, PhD Classical Studies 1973: "Towards the Chronology of Aegean Glyptic in the Late Bronze Age"

Professional Interests
Greek Bronze Age Archaeology
Greek Art & Archaeology, especially classical sculpture and architecture
Gender and Sexualities
Queer Issues

My complete Curriculum Vitae (resume) is online.

Here is a one-paragraph, short version of my CV:

John G. Younger joined the University of Kansas in 2002 as Professor of Classics, and retired from KU in the summer of 2019; he came from Duke University where he taught for 27 years. He has also taught in the department of Humanities and Western Civilization, has been chair of Classics (2004-5) and of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (2008-12), and was the Director of Jewish Studies (2013-2019). He has a BA in History (with majors in Music and Classics also fulfilled) from Stanford University, and an MA and PhD in Classics from the University of Cincinnati. Professor Younger's research focuses on the Bronze Age Aegean; he is currently involved with the Gournia Excavation Project and will be publishing the Minoan pottery workshop he excavated there. He also publishes on Classical Greek art (especially architecture and sculpture). He has written books on Minoan-Mycenaean engraved gemstones and on Music in the Aegean Bronze Age, as well as numerous articles on various Bronze Age and Classical topics (e.g., the book chapter "Minoan Women" in Women in Antiquity [2016], the book-encyclopedia Sex in the Ancient World, A-Z [2004], the architecture and sculpture of early synagogues in the upper Galillee region of Israel, an edited volume on the emperor Augustus's building program (Imperium and Cosmos by Paul Rehak, 2006), a monograph-length study, "Technical Observations on the Sculptures from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia" [Hesperia 78, 2009, 41-105], and "A View from the Sea" in The Seascape in Aegean Prehistory [2011].

In 2018, John and his husband Cody Haynes, moved out to their farm, "Three Springs Over Lone Star," a 70 acre parcel of land of prairie, orchards, and vineyard.


Syllabi of courses taught

GRK 798, Greek Women Writers -- a graduate reading course in which we read almost all the writings by ancient Greek women that have survived, inscriptions about and by these women, and ancient testimonies to their work.
CLSX 151/351, Introduction to Classical Archaeology
Greek Archaeology & Art (Spring 2011)
Greek Architecture (2003)
Women in the Ancient World (2010)
Gender & Sexuality, Ancient & Modern (Spring 2013)
CLSX 515, Gender & Sexuality in Greek Culture (Spring 2017)

JGY's Academic Resources

Chronology of Greek Art
Chronology of Greek History to Alexander
Chronology of Greek History, Hellenistic to the late 20th century
Bibliography of Greek and Roman Art Books, with LC call numbers
Bibliography of Greek Sculpture Books, with LC call numbers
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